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Super Regional Championship

2020 SAAU i10 Hoops Super Regional Championship

Please click the info below to access info about the 2020 SAAU i-10 Super Regional Championship to be played in June in Baton Rouge.  

SAAU - i-10 Hoops Super Regional Championship

Ages 2020 Dates Location Deadline Event Info
ages: 9u thru 17u June TBA Baton Rouge March 24th see below

15u Champs: Louisiana Fire

15 Runner Up: SELA Warriors

16 Champs: XPRESS

16u Runner Up: La. Houma Kings

17u Champs: Louisiana Cavs

17u Runner Up: La. Bayou Flames

11u Champs: La. Team G4WYW

11u Runner Up: Louisiana Jaguars

11u Champs: YGLA

13u Champs: New Orleans Rising Stars

14u Champs: Louisiana Premier II

15u Champs: Trill Warriors

16u Champs: Louisiana Supreme

11u Runner Up: BR Wildcats

13u Runner Up: Baton Rouge Thunder

14U Runner Up: Jackson Pride

15U Runner Up: Jackson Pride

16u Runner Up: Jackson Pride

Team Pictures from past 2016 SAAU Super Regional

What documents must teams complete pre-event and which must teams bring to the event? (click the link below)

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