Southern Amateur Athletic Union (SAAU) – Louisiana (La.) Boys’ Basketball By-Laws

The SAAU-La. boys’ basketball program is a district sport program as defined in Article 405.6.2 of the AAU Code.  In La., SAAU Boys’ Basketball Committee administers the program.  The name of the committee is SAAU Boys’ Hoops.  SAAU Boys’ Hoops has jurisdiction over all AAU boys’ basketball activity in the State of Louisiana. 

Article I. Membership

The membership year runs from September 1st through August 31st.  We have both individual membership (players, coaches) and group membership (clubs – which an have as many teams as they desire).  Each group wishing to join the SAAU must join as club. Each club can have as many teams as it desires under its club (as long as they ALL go by the same name). All clubs can obtain an AAU club registration and gain membership by registring online at: ( All clubs must be registered and have all members registered as well BEFORE any club/team can participate in any SAAU boys’ basketball sanctioned event.  Contact Mrs. Treigle at (504) 464–0306 for more detailed info.  A player becomes attached to a team when he (1) plays a sanctioned AAU event (NOT a practice), (2) has completed and received an AAU membership (this includes insurance) number, AND (3) fills out and delivers to SAAU the INTENT to PLAY form that has been signed by his PARENT(S).  In La., ALL 3 are required for a player to become attached to a team. Please consult the AAU Code ( for all DETAILED info regarding attached players and transfers. Please note the minimum “sit-out” rule for player’s whishing to transfer teams.

Article II. Eligibility

Please see the Player Eligibility tab to the right of the main menu for all details regarding Article II.

Article III. Playing Rules

Please see the Playing Rules tab to the right of the main menu for all details regarding Article III.

Article IV. Qualifying Rules
Please see the Qualifying Rules tab and Team Rankings tab to the right of the main menu for all details regarding Article IV.


Article V. Ethics Rules

1.) Amateurism – Neither athletes, players, coaches, volunteers, nor supporters shall violate the amateur status of competitors. The athlete shall not directly or indirectly receive pay or financial benefits in consideration of or as a reward for participating in athletic competition. Clubs/teams shall NOT provide shoes, articles of clothing, or non-medial equipment UNLESSS like items are provided to all members of the team.  Please refer to for a FULL disclosure on the status and penalties for those who are sports agents or an employee of a sports agent or agency.

2.) Sportsmanship – It is the OBLIGATION of coaches, players, volunteers and other AAU representatives to practice the highest principles of sportsmanship and to observe the ethics of competition.  Courtesy, fair play, ethical behavior and integrity are ALL parts of good sportsmanship.  Since these principles are crucial to an effective AAU program each club/team MUST have a representative complete our Coaches Clinic in order to participate in AAU.  SAAU Boys’ Hoops will offer online Coaches Clinics each season in order to ensure availability to all member coaches. Full info is available in the coaches certification tab.

3.) Coaches – Coaches MUST follow all guidelines from the Coaches Clinic.  However, some of the more important items that coaches must follow are listed below:

  1. promote the proper balance between athletic and academic activities
  2. prevent drug, alcohol, tobacco, & steroid related use
  3. actively promote ALL sportsmanship principles listed above
  4. respect game officials and STRONGLY urge parents to do the same
  5. have NO CONTACT with any high school players during their prep season in regard to playing for your AAU team (i.e. – NO RECRUITING – let the players concentrate on their school team).
  6. have NO CONTACT with a player that has already committed to another AAU team
  7. have NO AAU team workouts until AFTER the high school season has ended for grades 8th-12th.
  8. do NOT charge try-out fees for prospective team members

Coaches who violate these and any rules outlined in the Coaches Clinic will be brought before the Infractions Committee. The Infractions Committee will issue a ruling within 5 days and notify the person in WRITING of the ruling. An appeal can be made by following the AAU Code. We MUST keep our activities beyond reproach at ALL times. 

Article VI. Site Selection/Host Info

In order to host any SAAU Boys’ Basketball event a club MUST:

  1. completely fill out the SAAU Host/Bid form
  2. be in good standing with SAAU by completing schedules at least 4 days before event, e-mail results the same day/night your invitational event ends and complete financial report within 2 weeks of event.
  3. have at least a Level II ($60) AAU membership
  4. pay the applicable bid(total)/bond(refundable) fee for the event as listed: District ($750/$450); Invitational ($100/$100); League Play ($100/$100).  All fees INCLUDE the bond fee (second number), which will be refunded 2 weeks after the conclusion of your event if ALL requirements are met. 

All money orders (payable to SAAU) MUST accompany your Host/Bid Form.  If your group does not submit the fee with the form, it will NOT be considered to host the event.

All forms/fees MUST be submitted at least 30 days prior to the Fall/Winter meeting.


Article VII. SAAU Boys’ Hoops Details

As stated in the opening, the SAAU Boys’ Basketball Committee is named SAAU Boys’ Hoops and conducts all boys’ basketball activity in the State of Louisiana.  SAAU Boys’ Hoops is comprised of the following parts:

  1. Sports Director (formerly known as State Director)
  2. Executive Committee
  3. District Council

The Sports Director oversees the day-to-day operation of the SAAU boys’ basketball program.  He/She is elected every 4 years (2010, 2014, etc) and MUST meet the following criteria to be eligible to serve as Sports Director:

  1. been an active AAU member for the past two years
  2. attended the past two annual meetings
  3. CANNOT be an active coach
  4. attended at least two National Conventions in the past ten years
  5. submit a letter of intent to serve at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting in an election year

The Executive Committee is comprised of the following members:

  1. Assistant Sports Director (assists Director in all matters of SAAU Boys’ Hoops and performs duties if Director is unable/incapacitated)
  2. Compliance Officer (oversees eligibility issues and chairs Infraction Committee)
  3. Marketing Officer (oversees publicity and promotion of SAAU Boys’ Hoops)

The Sports Director appoints the members of the Executive Committee for one-year terms that can be extended for up to four years.

The District Council is composed of a representative from various regions of the State and is responsible for the promotion and growth of AAU basketball in our District.  The District Council can have a maximum of nine members.  Members are appointed by the Sports Director and serve two-year terms. Any member of the District Council is required to have at least three years of AAU experience as either a coach and/or club director.  The District Council will meet bi-yearly to discuss ideas and implement growth strategies in conjunction with the Marketing Officer and Sports Director.

Each club will have one vote at the annual meeting as long as it has five registered members.  At least 5 clubs in good standing must be in attendance at the annual meeting (usually in November) in order to conduct business. If a quorum is not present, the executive committee will vote on all items on the agenda.  Proposed amendments to the bylaws must be submitted in writing at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting.  Amendments will be voted upon at the annual meeting.

Article VIII. AAU Contact Details

National AAU info:

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